Day 46 – 105 miles to Moab, Utah

Good morning!  I definitely slept well last night.  And I woke up a couple minutes early to take another shower since I don’t know when my next will be and my host family has a gorgeous house.  And they were so welcoming and amazing, setting towels, bedding, and soaps out for me.  They also had coffee ready in the morning!  Thank you guys (and to the warm, generous Grand Junction community)!

They drove me over to the church where we met back with our team and the community.  They made a delicious breakfast for us and joined our dedication circle.  Today, I’ve dedicated to Delaney, the local girl who is fighting cancer (and has an awesome pink fire truck), Cindy, and Paul (who is my host mother’s brother-in-law who is undergoing his final treatments.day46dedicationcircleday46dedicationcircle1day46dedication


Today’s plan is a bit different – there is no safe bike route to Moab after the first 40 miles; it’s only Interstate 70 and then a gravel road.  So, we decided to shuttle all our bags to the host first, and then shuttle riders once we entered Utah (making today only about 40 miles).  So, amidst the change in plans and slight chaos, Erica assigned Steph Kos the task of making teams because she was busy.  So, the different teams were: Stephanie, Steffi, Steph, Kos, and Meerkat (her spirit animal)… I was on Team Kos with Draper, Sarah, Wasserman, Erica, and Kos herself.day46team

We began our day riding along the mesas with storm clouds in the distance.  We had to stop to pee, so all 6 of us found bushes and trees pretty close to each other and took care of business.  It was definitely a sight to see.day46storm

I shared the snacks and fruit my good friend Gianna got me – everyone loved them all, especially the pears, which were probably the best pears I’ve ever had.

The end of Colorado resembled much of Kansas in that it was flat and pretty much the same scenery for miles.  Which meant perfect terrain for practicing riding with no hands!


We reached the Utah State Line around mile 40, took pictures, and had lunch (my host family from Grand Junction hooked me up – they made me 2 sandwhiches, both with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, and avocado.  They also added grapes, cherries, candy bars, bananas, and yogurt.  Thanks, Cynthia and Kurt!)day46sillyutahday46meutah

So with shuttling, we have two vans that hold 15 people each, 15 bikes total, and all our food, bags, and tools.  So.  They vans unloaded at the host, came back to shuttle about 16 of the riders, and left 10 of us behind.  For 3 hours.  In the desert.  With no shade.  And a hot sun.  We played games, went on a hike, and napped.  And went crazy delirious.  After three hours, we heard the van honking in the distance and we all went crazy, running around the street, leaping for joy.  In the 3 hours out in the hot Utah desert, we saw 3 cars pass…day46strandedday46meshirtless

A lot of us slept on the van ride to Moab, Utah… Jeff even fell asleep in the tight aisle of the van.day46jeffsleepingvan

When we got to our host, we got settled, made a coffee run, and headed out to Arches National Park.  We hiked a little bit and then unloaded our bikes and rode back through the park to our host.  day46archessignday46archesteamday46mearchesday46archesday46grouparches


Draper’s parents surprised him with a visit which was really nice.  They’re having us over tomorrow night for dinner and a pool party!

Side note, our showers were hoses tonight.

Now for a good night’s sleep – tomorrow we have a rest day but have a lot of outdoor activities, including a fun one that I’ve always wanted to do.  But I’ll reveal it after I do it so my dad doesn’t call and try to stop me!



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