Day 40 – Rest Day in Boulder, Colorado

For a rest day, today was pretty stressful.  My phone cracked badly about a week ago in Kansas.  So now that we are finally in civilization, I decided to run to the Apple store to get my phone fixed.  I went in at about 11, and long story short, did not get the phone until 7.  During this time, I was only able to walk around town and do laundry (since problems kept arising every time I went back).  The good news was that the manager saw “4K for Cancer” on my shorts and heard of the organization through #milesforjamie.  He wanted to give back, so he replaced my iPhone for free.  So even though I didn’t get to explore Boulder or go hiking, I still had awesome luck.

Later, we met at the Upslope Brewery with Team Portland.  There were representatives from energy and fitness groups that gave us samples while we enjoyed local beers.  It was awesome to hang out with Team Portland again, as I love so many of them.

day40promcomittee day40promcomittee2

Boulder is a gorgeous city.  So even though I’m bummed I didn’t get to explore or take advantage of it’s outdoor activities, I am definitely going back.



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