Day 39 – 120 miles to Boulder, Colorado

Today, I made teams.  I wrote down lines to children’s nursery rhymes, and cut up each line.  It was up to each person to put together their line to make up the entire rhyme.  I was on Team Little Miss Muffet with Carolina, Steph Cario, Audrey, Linnea, and Chris.


We did our dedication circle and cheer outside in the parking lot.  Our host pointed out that the mountain in the distance was Pikes Peak, a mountain I’ve been on about 11 years ago with my mom and family.  Colorado Springs is a beautiful place, literally sitting beneath the Rockies.  Today is dedicated to Jamie and Team Portland – we are meeting them tonight in Boulder and can’t wait.  The team has been through a lot together and have inspired not only Team San Francisco but people all over the United States.


Today was rough at first.  The initial 20 miles was all uphill.  It was a beautiful ride, going along the Rocky Mountains, seeing a few snow-capped peaks, but with the views come hills and large climbs.  I had some trouble getting a rhythm and fought hard to get up some of the climbs, but made it.  I wrote “Mom” on the top of my leg to motivate me whenever I looked down.  On the bright side, with the large climbs usually comes large downhills, which (sometimes) make the struggle worth it.  We’ve gotten up to 43 mph on the downhills, which is pretty fast for bicycling.

I also got a flat (number 10) which sucks.  Even after the tube is replaced, I always find myself paranoid and checking the tire every five minutes to make sure it’s still good.

We rolled through Denver, taking the Platte Bike Trail, which was gorgeous.  It ran along a river where people were swimming and tubing.  We stopped in a bathroom in a giant REI, and pushed the last 20 miles out as quick as we could.  Dark rain clouds were rolling in and we did not want to shuttle, as this would be our longest day yet.  About 10 miles outside of Boulder, we hit some busy roads with a small shoulder and rush-hour traffic.  To add onto that, there were about three steep hills, one after the other.  Right when we got into Boulder, Colorado, less than a mile from our host, there was a simultaneous crack of thunder and bolt of lightning, which split right over our heads and struck two spots on either side of us (maybe a mile away).  Scared out of our minds, we sped down the street not knowing exactly where our host was, and let out cries of relief and excitement when it was just two blocks away.

Everyone showered, ate dinner, and got ready for 4K Prom with Team Portland!

My prom dates were Arie and Emily, who I loved.  Team Portland was a lot of fun.  We went to a couple of bars and enjoyed our time getting to know them, bonding over the 4K, and just being stupid.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so hopefully we’ll see them more!



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