Day 37 – 85 miles to Pueblo, Colorado

We woke up at our usual time, packed the vans, and had breakfast with Pastor Charles and some community members.  We met one of the ladies at the town pool yesterday – her sister-in-law’s sister, Maggie (just 32 years old) was just recently diagnosed with cancer.  A lot of our team dedicated today to her.day37leavinghost

Since we are in Colorado, teams were separated by different types of smoking vessels.  My team consisted of Draper, Casey, Holden, and Linnea.

We were a pretty strong team, so we left the host last.  Within 10 miles, Casey got a flat.  So we waited about 30 minutes for the van to bring us a tire pump (none of us were carrying frame pumps on us).  The landscape was much different than Kansas.  It was definitely a little more hilly, riding on a gradual incline all day.  Like yesterday, the land was dry and barren, with a ton of weeds and not much life.

As the day went on, it got pretty hot.  The heat here is much different than the muggy, moist heat of the east.  Our throats were incredibly dry, no matter how much water we drank, and our sweat evaporated right away.  Which is why it’s super important to constantly be drinking water and gatorade on this trip.  It’s so easy to forget to hydrate because we aren’t sitting in our sweat.  The past two days, we’ve had a few riders pulled off the road because of dehydration.

At all times possible, Draper and I did pushups and ab workouts throughout the day.  By the end of the day, I’ve done about 300 pushups and a lot of abs.  A lot.  Let’s just say my body might hate me tomorrow.

We got to the First Presbyterian Church of Pueblo, Colorado before 3 pm.  We were pretty stoked to make it 85 miles in 8 hours (having dealt with hills, the Colorado heat, and a flat).

Before dinner, we had four Portland alumni join us – Mary, Dan, Angelica, and Chelsea.  We’re currently hanging out with them and getting pretty excited for them to join us the next few days!



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