Day 31 – 91 miles to Wichita, Kansas

Good morning!

We woke up at 5 am, feeling refreshed after about 7 hours of sleep…but still not terribly easy.  Every now and then, someone will play motivational audio to get us up.  Todays was something about wanting success.  How much are we willing to give up for our dreams?  If we’re willing to give up sleep and comfort, than we can achieve it.  It helped us get moving, packing our bags and the vans, having breakfast (just oatmeal and fruit), and dedication circle/cheer.  Today is dedicated to my Aunt Mary and Uncle John who both fought cancer for many years, but ultimately passed away from it.


Teams were divided into political parties.  Draper, Liliya, Jeff, AK, and I were Libertarians!  We left at 7:20 am.


Jeff also debuted his newest American addition to his bike – a giant American flag.  At first I was pretty hesitant about it for safety reasons, but I must now admit, it was pretty freakin’ cool to ride with.

And you may have noticed I did not mention coffee this morning.  Thankfully, Cario took orders this morning and brought them to our first water stop.  Another iced mocha to hopefully continue the trend of amazing days.  And it did.  (I didn’t have time to finish it, so I brought it with me!)



We rode 90 miles to Wichita, Kansas.  The entire way, it was about 80 degrees, flat, and so much fun.  Jeff’s flag made for great photo-ops and I learned to ride without hands!  We played catch with an imaginary ball and tag.


Before we arrived at the host, we stopped at a bar to watch the US vs. Belgium World Cup Match.  We enjoyed cold beers and played board games, too!



We got to Friends University at 5 pm (we made such great time today, killing our 90 mile ride in about 7 hours).


Amidst our crazy busy and sometimes long days, we all forgot that today was a mail drop!  The host van organized all our packages in the gym – I got three and a postcard!


The postcard was from my best friend, Julie, and her sister Rachel, who is studying abroad in Norway.  One package was from my dad and brother, full of trail mix, protein bars, nuts, goldfish, snacks, sunscreen, and a nice letter.  A family friend, Ann, also sent me lots of goodies and kind words.  What I found crazy was the package from my cousins, Al and Sheila.  Along with lots of goodies, sunscreen, and butt cream (I can’t tell you how important this is to us), they mentioned my Great Aunt Mary and Uncle John who both passed away from cancer.  It’s weird that it worked out this way, but today was dedicated to them.  I always remember seeing them at Christmas, occasionally playing rummy with them.  Though I did not have the chance to get to know them well, they were close to my mother and family.  They fought cancer for many years and I was honored and proud to ride for them today.

Our next mail drop is Day 45 (July 15) in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The address is: St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 3888 27 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506!  Feel free to send me more sunscreen, snacks, letters, and fun things!



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