Day 30 – Service Day in Salina, Kansas

Good morning – I got 8 hours of sleep!

Today, we went back over to the Tammy Walker Cancer Center for our service day.

day30tammywalker day30tammywalker1day30tammywalker3

“Childhood is a state we run away from with so much excitement for the future that we sometimes abandon some of its good traits that could serve us well as adults.”

Lynn, the patient navigator, provided breakfast for us and explained a little bit more information on the center.  After, she brought six of us into the waiting room, where we met multiple patients and chatted with them.  Many of them were nearing their last few radiation treatments.  They ranged from all sorts of cancers but were all in pretty good spirits.

After, we got a tour of the facility, first seeing the radiation wing.  Tiffany, one of the radiation therapists, showed us the different rooms and machines used for radiation.  They were huge and really amazing in the things they could do.  Nowadays, these machines are super precise in regards to hitting the exact location of the body.

We also got a tour of the medical wing, where patients go for blood tests and chemotherapy treatments.  We entered a huge, open room with windows lining one of the walls.  There were two rows of recliners, facing each other, with cancer patients undergoing chemo treatments.  Some were knitting, some reading, and some talking with each other.  It was a sobering moment – these people were just like myself, but fighting for their lives.

After we did laundry, I got a haircut, and then we went to a local waterpark.  We spent time in the lazy river, jumped off the diving boards, and slid down some really fun slides.  One slide shot you into a round funnel, creating a circle you went around in until you fell through the middle.  We had an awesome time.



Back at the church, we had dinner and did our 2014 Prom Date Selection… Lauren and I sang the National Anthem, hosted, and introduced each Team Portland bachelor (Audrey prepared a slideshow with each of the boys and a stupid little bio about them that she gathered from Facebook).  We’re weird, I know.  But it was a lot of fun and we’re all super excited for prom with Team Portland!

I also put my lime green Lizard Skin grip tape on my bike and it’s looking good.



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