Day 26 – 76 miles to Kansas City, Missouri

Today is dedicated to Dani Robson, our team mate Jeff’s aunt who passed away yesterday from her 4 year battle with cancer.  Yesterday, I got to talk with Jeff about her – She was adventurous, energetic, positive, and shares Jeff’s same smile.  He is such an asset to our team and I’m sure his Aunt Dani is so proud of him.  Today is for her.


Teams were organized by Game of Thrones families; Casey, Shannon, Audrey, and Rachel were on Team Stark.  I know nothing about Game of Thrones, so yeah.  Whatever.


The local coffee shop, Old School Coffee, opened up early for us, so we all left the church and met there for a pre-ride caffeine fix.  I got an iced mocha (which I normally wouldn’t blog about or make a big deal over, but this coffee thing is such a luxury).  It was amazing.

We biked much of the day on Old Highway 40.  Our team killed it, tackling hill after hill and keeping a great pace.  My body is really feeling great.  It’s amazing how much stronger and muscular we all are.  I was on some kind of physical and mental high just about all day.  (I’m also thinking it was just the iced mocha…)Image


At our lunch stop, while waiting for the host van to arrive, Lauren led a “butts and guts” workout (at every water and lunch stop for the past week or so, some of us have been doing a little extra workouts).  We got to eat ChickFilA, Arby’s, and Olive Garden, with strawberry banana smoothies.

About 27 miles later, we made it to Kansas City, Missouri (there’s also a Kansas City in Kansas, obviously).  We drove through the city to our host church in the center of the city!


They invited us to their 4th annual Dennis Blessman Dinner – he was the man that who initially hosted 4K San Francisco in 2010 but passed away from cancer.  It was his initial recipe of tacos, salad, and lemon bars.

After, we went out for some drinks and music – there was this huge open-air courtyard with Cassadee Pope performing (winner of The Voice).  We danced, sang, and had a blast together.



2 thoughts on “Day 26 – 76 miles to Kansas City, Missouri

  1. Rod and Brenda says:

    Hi Michael. Amazed at your journey. We are following it here in England. Keep safe you have already achieved so much

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