Day 25 – 56 miles to Sweet Springs, MO

This morning, we got to choose our teams.  Draper, Kos, Katie, Erica, and I teamed up!


Today is dedicated to Harriet Laug Boyle.

I started the day with a flat. Ugh.  After about 10 minutes of struggling, I finally fixed it, and we sped off down Katy Trail for 5 miles.  It was supposed to be a elevation of 1,000 miles all day, but with 3 re-routes, ended up being much more.  It was a little bit of a challenging day, in the heat, dealing with a second flat (Flat total = 7), and re-routes.  Our last re-route added 14 miles, so we opted to trek the original route, which was gravel.  It was unrideable so we walked our bikes 3 miles over gravel in the hot sun until we found a paved road.  Needless to say, it was a terrible idea.  And from there, it was about 5 miles to the host.

We ended up not saving any time and getting to the host, the Immanuel Lutheran Church, last.  We were greeted with an awesome message…


…and lunch!  Pastor Dan had the town pool invite us over, so we got to swim and lay in the sun.  Everyone had their go pros and we had a blast jumping off the diving boards.


Around 4 pm, we did some laundry and hung out at the local coffee shop! We had a delicious dinner of lasanga, salad, garlic bread, and brownies (and to answer your question, yes we seem to have the same thing every night.  We are so grateful for food, though).  Emily and I hung out with Pastor Dan and the community volunteers.  We talked about the 4K, cancer, and heard Dana Melies’ story – she fought and survived thyroid cancer 29 years ago.  She is perfectly healthy now and participates in Relay for Life.  Her niece is also a survivor, having fought a rare form of cervical cancer requiring two types of radiation and two types of chemotherapy.  We all agreed that while cancer sucks, it really does bring people together.

Before bed, we made sure to clean and repair our bikes.  After a couple days on gravel and rain, our bikes needed some attention.




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