Day 24 – 89 miles to Boonville, Missouri

We woke up this morning at 6:15, had breakfast with our hosts, and made out way back to the Reach Community Church.  We loaded the vans and had our dedication circle with all our hosts.

Today was dedicated to Jamie, Team Portland, and the Krattli family.


Teams were dinosaur themed… Elliot, Audrey, Linnea, Erica and I were pterodactyls!


We had a great day of riding, going at a pretty solid pace. At one point we caught up to the water van. We gave them some time to chalk further and detoured to the University of Missouri’s campus.


After about 60 miles, we madeout way back on the Missouri Katy Trail, which was even more beautiful and enjoyable than yesterday.



At about 6 pm, we arrived at the Boonsville YMCA, where we did a little workout, swam, and enjoyed the sauna. It was a great night of relaxation!  Goodnight!


– Michael

PS Flat count – 5


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