Day 23 – 101 miles to Montgomery City, Missouri

It was a sad morning.  We had to depart Washington University and our Temperpedic beds.  I definitely hit snooze about four times.

Today is dedicated to Gloria Mastropolo, a friend of my Aunt Kathy that passed away from cancer.


The theme was kinds of cookies – I was on Team Chocolate Chip with Casey, Draper (my first time riding with both of them!), Sarah, and Steph Cario.  Before we even left, Cario had gotten a flat.

We traveled 20 miles to the Missouri Katy Trail, which stretches the entire length of Missouri, about 250 miles.  It was an amazing trail, with packed gravel, flat terrain, and lots of shade.  The only downside was how difficult it was for the van to access us – it took them an hour to travel 10 miles simply because we were in a somewhat wooded area.

We had lunch on the side of the trail, right next to the August Brewing Company (I may have split a local beer with Casey).  We ate tandoori chicken (Harshini approved), wraps, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, and lots of fruit.



After lunch, we continued on the trail (we were on it for about 50 miles).  A stick got caught in Cario’s spoke, came out, and as she said “Oh thank God, I thought I popped a spoke), we hear a “ting!”  Her spoke broke.  Luckily, we had a mile left on the path.  She began carrying her bike and said, “At least it’s not pouring, that’s the worst possible thing that could happen.”  Maybe 30 seconds later, it began to drizzle.  It wasn’t pouring, but Cario is good a jinxing us.

We left the trail and turned onto Highway 19, still in the rain.  After a few miles, Erica pulled up in the host van and told us we would have to shuttle closer to the host; Highway 19 was pretty narrow without a shoulder, and locals have said that large trucks are pretty dangerous on the road.  So instead of the expected 101 miles, we only rode 91 miles.

We arrived at Reach Community Church at around 6:30 pm.  Tonight we are staying in homestays in the community, so families were waiting at the church for us.  Draper, Sarah, Casey, and I stayed with the Krattli’s.  Jim and Linda, parents of 3 ladies and grandparents of one grandson, were so hospitable and amazing.  Linda made us lasagna, salad, strawberries, triple fudge brownies, and ice cream!  We had beds, couches, and a king size air mattress to sleep on.  We began watching “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” but Casey and I fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie.  Around 10 pm, we moved downstairs to our sleeping area, and got a solid 8 hours of sleep.


PS Happy Birthday Kos!



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