Day 22 – Rest Day in St. Louis, Missouri

OUR FIRST REST DAY!  We had the entire day to ourselves and we couldn’t be more excited.

Lauren, Kos (Steph), Draper, and I got breakfast at The First Watch, an awesome brunch spot.  We then headed over to the St. Louis Arch via subway.




And to get up the arch, they put us in these tiny little pods that go up the sides like a ferris wheel…



And the views from the top…

After, we decided to grab a bite to eat for lunch.  But things changed when we ran into a guy scalping tickets for the Cardinals vs. PHILLIES game (How crazy the Phillies were playing the day I’m there!) and decided to buy them.  We got 4 tickets for $50.  But when we went to the gate, Lauren and my ticket were denied.  SO, we marched right over to the administrative offices, did a little sweet talking, and were escorted right into the stadium.


The Cardinals won (which was fine, I’m not really a sports fan anyway… just got Philly pride).  We met an awesome couple from Fort Collins, Colorado, Peter and Pam, who we got to talking with.  We explained the 4K and what we were all about and they offered to host us when we pass through.  So who knows, maybe you’ll see another blog about them in July!

Now for dinner at Brewhouse.  Later tonight, we’ll be cleaning the vans and getting ready for yet another century tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 22 – Rest Day in St. Louis, Missouri

  1. julieb611 says:

    What a fun rest day after such a hard week!! You guys are crazy champions for doing 3 centuries in a row! That’s super intense and a real accomplishment. Glad I got to see your lovely face via the inter-webs, looking fierce as always. All my love!

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