Day 21 – 77 miles to St. Louis, Missouri

After 3 long days of centuries, we got to sleep in this morning – 6 am wake-up call and 8:15 am departure!

Our team consisted of Lauren, Erica, Elliot, Sluder, and myself – a solid group.

Within the first 5 miles, I got a flat tire.  I was already in a bad mood this morning because of some teammates not taking initiative and helping out with chores.  And the flat made me even more frustrated.  But at our first water stop, I wrote down all my thoughts and feelings, and let go of all my frustration.  Today’s group was a fun one and I needed to not let myself get in the way of having a good day.

There were a bunch of steep inclines, challenging us, but my body feels great.  I can definitely notice how much stronger my legs are.

About midway through the day, at the second water stop, we learned Steph K had gotten her front tire caught in railroad tracks and fell over her handle bars, causing her to get stitches.  😦

For lunch, we strayed from the normal pizza/fried chicken and had watermelon, hummus, and cold cut sandwiches.  And after, since the water van was at the hospital, our team led the group, chalking all necessary turns.  At about mile 63, we climbed a hill that gave us a beautiful view of St. Louis.  This was exciting – our second largest city and the “Gateway to the West.”  It finally hit me that we are no longer on the east coast and are westbound.  I had a really great feeling about our time in St. Louis.

We road along a river, through Forest Park, and ended at our host – Washington University – where we would be staying at the dorms.  We were all particularly excited because the dorms have laundry, showers, food, and temperpedic beds.  Yes – TEMPERPEDIC BEDS.  This is the first time in 3 weeks that we’ve had beds, and soft, comfortable temperpedic ones at that.

I took a quick nap and then headed to dinner which was a greek spread of mousakka, curry chicken, tzatziki, salad, and baklava.  It definitely reminded me of the summer I spent in high school in Greece.

Now for a party at Elliot’s sister’s apartment!  Cheers!




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