Day 16 – 30 miles to Carthage, TN (Shuttle to Nashville, TN)

Today is our first day back on our bikes in a few days.

We are riding in honor of Jamie Roberts, her family, and Team Portland 2014.


ImageSince we’re heading to Nashville, teams were organized with country singers.  Audrey, Jeff, AK, and I were Team Blake Shelton.  Because it was our first day back on our bikes, and headed for a big city, we decided to take it easy – we planned a 30 mile day, with a stop at lunch, and then shuttling to Nashville, TN.

ImageAt mile 20, each team took a picture.  Each teammate of every team has a number, in order to count and make sure each member is accounted for.  Jamie was number 20 on Team Portland, so each team stopped at mile 20 in honor of Jamie.


A couple miles after the water break and mile 20, I hear a popping noise and bursting air.  I pull over, thinking it was a flat, but realized it was my actual tire (usually flats are caused by tubes inside the tire… this concept took me a while to figure out).  Luckily, the water van passed as it happened, and with only 7 miles left, I decided it was easier and made more sense for the team to hop in the van and shuttle to the lunch stop… Which was a town pool in Carthage, TN.  They allowed us use of their facility, pool, showers, and beach volleyball court.  They donated hamburgers, hotdgos, and drinks.  A lot of the local kids swarmed us, obsessed with our bike ride and us in general – they were so much fun and we had an awesome afternoon.



We shuttled to the First Lutheran Church in Nashville, TN, right on Broadway and near downtown.  We showered, got ready, and went out on the town.  We had great BBQ food, beer, and lots and lots of live music.  It was such a fun night out – we were all able to let out a lot of built up energy from a rough couple of days.







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