Day 7 – 35 miles to Blacksburg, VA

Good morning! Wake-up call at 5:30. I’m lucky I’m a morning person.

Hawk, our host at Living Water Church, made us eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and gravy! And coffee – something that I normally have every morning and now it’s a luxury to have.


Today is dedicated to John, a friend of the UCF who just passed away yesterday, and Lisa, who we met two days ago in Lynchburg who has survived breast cancer.


Today we got to choose our teams – I rode with Lauren, both Stephs, and Audrey. And we had a blast. It was a short 35-mile day to Blacksburg, VA that began and ended with huge hills. We enjoyed every minute of the day, taking time to get pictures and getting to know each other.


We got to Blacksburg around 12:30. Steph C goes to Virginia Tech, so we stayed in her and her friends townhouse complex.

At two o’clock we went to the Bike Kitchen and volunteered. We took old, abandoned bikes apart to either recycle parts to create a new bike, or to sell. It was pretty cool to completely strip a bike of every part.

After, we chilled out in Steph’s backyard, enjoying each other’s company.

Go Hokies!





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