Day 5 – 82 miles to Lynchburg

Today was the infamous trek to Lynchburg, VA. We woke up at 5 am (with the help of coffee).  Today was dedicated to Danielle Gerbosi, a girl from my hometown in Valhalla, NY who bravely fought cancer throughout elementary and middle school.  Our entire community was united by her fight and has made a impact on everyone.  We went to school together, being two years older than her, and performed in the school musicals.  She, and her family, are incredibly strong and she helped me get over each hill.


Teams were Anchorman characters – Team Brian Fantana was made up of Sarah, Steph, Katie, Michaela, and myself.


The alumni warned us of this day – the first half being lots of rolling hills and the second half steep climbs. The views were gorgeous – many hills leading to scenic views. And after cleaning my bike the night before, changing gears was a breeze, making the climbs so much easier.


A gas station along the way provided powerade for us and lunch consisted of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, smoothies, peanut butter, and salad.

After, we continued along, with challenging hills, but not many steep inclines. We took a cool bike path through Lynchburg, with a cave/tunnel to get to the other side.


Overall, the Lynchburg trip seemed a bit built up from last year, not nearly as bad as we expected.  We arrived at the gorgeous and massive Heritage United Methodist Church at around 5:30 pm and were greeted with a delicious dinner – grilled chicken, a light pasta salad, and salad.  We went out for drinks at a mexican restaurant for much needed and deserved margaritas and to celebrate Casey’s 22nd birthday at midnight.

Now to wrap her bike while she’s asleep!



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