Day Four – Service Day!

Today was our first service day – which means we got to sleep in until 7:30 am! We went out last night for a few drinks and got to know our team a lot more. The First Baptist Church of Charlottesville provided us with bagels, cream cheese, fruit, and our dearly beloved coffee.

After, we headed out to the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center for a day of volunteering. Tabatha and Meredith greeted us in the beautiful University of Virginia Medical Center’s facility. Emily and I paired off, assigned to the tasks of re-organizing a closet in the Breast Center. First, we transported boxes of camisoles with all sorts of pockets for different needs and organized them by size in the closet. We also brought breast cancer pamphlets on treatment, recovery, and information to an organized file cabinet in the Breast Center office. Other teams updated paperwork, spent time with patients, offered coffee and refreshments to patients, put packets together, among many other tasks. It was amazing to be a part of such a dedicated group, even doing behind the scenes work. We were part of a bigger picture, doing completing time-intensive tasks and allowing the staff to dedicate more of their time to patients and more important jobs.


We spent the rest of the day exploring Charlottesville, walking down an outdoor shopping mall. It was a cute little walk with all sorts of ice cream shops and boutiques. Lining the center of the walkway were photos of all sorts of cute animals and an inspirational free-speech chalk wall at the end.


We had a great dinner of fried chicken, vegetables, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and applesauce.  Gloria, a 2013 alum, stopped by since she lives nearby.  She offered advice on tomorrow’s trip to Lynchburg, as it’s going to be the most challenging day yet. It was nice to chat with her one-on-one, expressing my thoughts so far and hearing her advice. She’s such a sweet, caring soul and I wish she could ride with us!

Now to clean my bike and get ready for tomorrows trek.

Goodnight! Michael


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