Twas the night before the 4K…

Tomorrow’s the big day!

It’s Saturday and I’m in Baltimore enjoying my last night of family, hygiene, and comfort.

Friday morning, my dad, brother, and I left NY for a 6-hour trip to Baltimore, MD.  Just as we were outside of Baltimore, I received a phone call from a church in Ely, NV – it was my last host confirmation for my portion of the third leg.  I’m taking that as a good omen for the coming summer.  We checked into our hotel and got read for dinner, where I would meet the entirety of Team San Francisco 2014.

I walked in and saw them right away (I confess, I recognized many of them from Facebook).  We listened to speakers, were presented with our team jerseys, and enjoyed the rest of the evening at Adam’s house.  Hot tub, pool, and celebratory tequila toasts (I’m hoping this is how the rest of the summer goes).  Oh, and I buzzed my head…


Today, we had an all-day training, learning how to drive and pack the support vans, maintain our bikes, ride in groups, and the policies of the 4K.  We ended the day with our personalized San Francisco 4K chant.  And now, to enjoy my last night before this crazy journey begins.

Buckle your helmets, put on your cycling gloves, and clip in… the 4K for Cancer is about to begin.

We are… 4K!




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