I am just 7 DAYS away from my Baltimore departure!

I can’t believe it’s almost here.  I remember applying for the program in September like it was just yesterday.  And now, 8 months later, I am in the homestretch.

The past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on training.  I’ve taken my bike (name and gender TBD as I get to know him/her throughout the ride) for many rides throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.  I’ve biked to places like the beautiful Belmount Plateau, the Philadelphia Zoo, Valley Forge National Park, the Wissahickon Trail, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and many in places along the way.

I was also fortunate to ride with my best friend and 4K San Francisco 2013 Alumni, Julie, and Amy, who I just met but is also a 4K San Francisco 2013 Alumni.  We rode a 40-miler up to Norristown, PA.  Being that I’ve picked Julie’s brain enough about the 4K, it was nice to have another alum to harass with questions and fears.  And how cool it was to have a ride with 4K-ers both past and future.


And I couldn’t have been able to ride properly with the help of the generous, professional, and amazing team at Bell’s Bike Shop (1320 East Passyunk Ave) in South Philadelphia.  Everyone there was able to answer my many questions and recommend some great gear that have made riding easier and more comfortable.  And on top of that, they donated their bike building and fitting services to me.  William, Byron (manager), and Steve (owner) took great care of me – professionally putting my bike together and then giving me a retul fitting, which was an hour of lasers, computers, and amazing technology that provided me with the best possible bike for riding cross-country.  If your a seasoned biker, or a newbie (like me), I would highly, highly recommend these guys!  Visit them at either of their shop websites here or here!  Thanks, Bell’s Bike Shop!


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