Fairmount Bicycles

Hey everyone!

I am just two months away from leaving for the summer!  Since my last blog, I have received my bike, continued fundraising, and have been preparing for my journey.  With the expense of buying all new gear, clothes, and accessories for the trip, I reached out to local Philadelphia cycling shops.

Fairmount Bicycles, specifically Shelly, immediately and enthusiastically responded.  She generously offered up a list of items that I need for my ride and welcomed my visit to their shop whenever I could.

Having never cycled long distance before, Shelly was able to answer all of my questions and recommended different products based on my needs.  And she donated a cool silver helmet, water bottle holder, and a Fairmount Bicycles water bottle that I’m sure will get much use! fairmountbicycles

Fairmount Bicycles is located at 2015 Fairmount Ave (also opening a new location at 28th & Girard Ave ) and you can visit them online here.

Thanks Shelly and Fairmount Bicycles!



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