The fundraising continues…

The fundraising continues!

I just had an open-bar event at McGillian’s Olde Ale House and raised $400!  Thanks to everyone who came out!
Liz M. & James
Leighanne H. & Austin B.
Julie B.
Michelina C.
Hannah L.
Bryan B.
Kara K.
Christine C.
Erica C.
Maritza L. & family
Meghan R.
Kevin F. & Amy
Lori Z.
Dana O. & Andrew
Kevin S.
Kerry B.
Ali H.
Rich B.
Jon A. & Emily R.
Sean N.

Even more, a high school teacher and friend of mine contacted me about the high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance.  I started the club five years ago, in my senior year of high school.  The club heard about my story and were so inspired they decided to hold a week of bake sales to raise money for my ride.  How amazing!?  Well, just recently I visited them at a meeting and they presented me with a $200 donation.  It was so nice to meet the members and see how far the Gay/Straight Alliance (and high school in general) have come.  I am so proud of these students – they are so young and brave and I am so thankful for them, not only for their contribution to my ride, but for going against the tide and standing up for equality and acceptance.  It is a challenge, especially in a high school environment.


With both of these donations, and many more from individuals, I am now at $6,875!  Please continue to share my story!  Visit my fundraising page here!

Let’s continue to spread love and hope on all fronts!



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