Hey readers!

I have exciting news – I’ve reached my $6,000 goal!


Thank you to everyone who has donated or shared my story thus far.  It’s amazing to see so many people donating, both those I know and do not.

I recently posted on Facebook about how close I was to my $6,000 goal and received a surge of donations!  One specific friend helped me reach that goal.  I was at $5,730 and she, being the amazing person she is, donated $300.  I haven’t seen her in about 3 years, but have a strong bond with her.  I used to work with her at my very first job and she was (and still is) such a role model to me.

Sooo, yay!  I’ve reached my goal!  But I’m not done yet.  I’ve been fundraising for about three months and still have about four months left.  I am determined to keep fundraising for this amazing organization and for young adults with cancer.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – I’ve been touched by each and every one of you.  You really don’t know how special this cause is to me.  And to have you by my side means the world.

Much love and gratitude,



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