My Christmas List

Dear Santa (Blog followers),

I think I’ve been pretty good this year.  Here is my Christmas list in case my letter gets lost in the mail… (Santa probably uses e-mail/twitter/instagram, anyway.)

  1. Beyonce’s new album.  I know it’s gotten mixed reviews, but I think everyone needs to step back and look at the bigger picture.  Yeah, I’ll admit it, I was expecting something different the minute I heard she came out with a secret album.  But I gave it a chance and love it.  Beyonce has taken a huge artistic risk and I’m a fan.
  2.  It’s called the “Total Body Support Pillow” but I’m going to call it the “Snuggler.”
    What could be more perfect for sleeping solo then to have a human-length pillow to be big AND little spoon.  I need one.

  3. An iShower.
    It plays music so you can have back-up vocals for your shower performances, has a Bluetooth in case you need to make a phone call, and a clock.  Everything you’ll ever need for showertime, built into one.  Perfection.
  4. A sexy helmet.40-5459-WSL-ANGLE.jpg
  5. Tickets to Miley Cyrus’ tour.  April 22 – Philadelphia.  Please?
  6. Clothes.  See my Pinterest board.
  7. Most importantly, and what I’ve asked all of my family members for, donations.  I don’t want anything material as much as I want to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  Please consider making a donation.  Visit my page at 

I hope everyone gets what they want Christmas morning!  I know I will be happy just being with my dad, brother, family, and friends – spending time with them is more important than anything material.  But I also wouldn’t be mad about getting Miley tickets.

Happy Holidays!


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