5 ways to survive the Holidays for singles…

So no mistletoe, cute couple Holiday photos, or holding hands in the snow with a special someone?  Me either.

But here are a couple of ways to make your singles Holiday season a little brighter…

1)  Be your own Santa.  While everyone else is buying gifts for their “person” (or their “person’s” family), spend some money on yourself.  Enjoy not  worrying about how much to spend on each other, what he’ll like, or what she’ll hate.  Just get out there, take advantage of the sales, and treat yourself.  I know I will.

2)  Get into a serious relationship with… the gym.  Nothing feels better than a good workout, especially during the Holidays.  And then, when everyone’s pigging out on Christmas cookies and pies, you can have that gingerbread man and not feel guilty.  Plus, when January rolls around and everyone is returning the gifts that (should’ve) but don’t fit or trying to lose 10 lbs, you can just feel good.

3)  Spike your eggnog.  Or whatever you’re drinking.  It’ll be your own little secret.  So whether your picking your tree, grocery shopping, or ice-skating (which you should be drinking during anyway… Imagine the fun), throw a little bourbon in your cider, Baileys in your hot chocolate, or my favorite, Patron Café in your coffee.  Santa probably does it, too! 😉

4)  Have a decorating party!  Just because you live in a studio by yourself doesn’t mean you should decorate it alone… invite friends over, put on some Christmas carols, and make more of your spiked drink of choice.  I’ve had many this season – I highly recommend.

5)  Watch Harry Potter.  Any of them.  (All of them.)  Nothing matches the magic of the Holidays like Hogwarts, butterbeer, or a Mrs. Weasley Christmas sweater.


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