Summer 2014. Cycle. Inspire. Unite.

Hey guys!

Exciting news!  I have just recently applied and been accepted to participate in the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults 4K for Cancer in the summer of 2014!


4K for Cancer is a 4,000 mile bike ride across the country, from Baltimore, Maryland to San Francisco, California.  It is 70 days long and we ride anywhere from 50-130 miles a day.  The 4K mission is to raise awareness, unite communities, and inspire hope towards the eradication of cancer.  I will be traveling with 25 other young adults, as a team.  We will be visiting cancer patients at hospitals and hospices, as well as hosting cancer education programs in the towns we stop at along our way to San Francisco.  Our service days consist of yard work, administrative help, caring for cancer patients in as many ways as possible, honoring young adults affected by cancer with scholarships, and a lot of other amazing ways of helping out.

The 4K for Cancer has 5 teams: one team that runs from Seattle to Baltimore, and four teams that cycle from Baltimore to either Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, or San Diego.  There will be around 25 other young adults riding with me to San Francisco.  Along the way, we will be completely self-sustained, sleeping in gym basements, churches, community centers, and volunteer host’s homes.  It is our job each day to get food donated for the entire team for all meals.  Our team members take turns driving two vans with all of our belongings and sleeping bags.  It is truly a unique adventure traveling across the country for cancer.


I will be dedicating my entire ride to my mother, who died of cancer in 2009, and will be honoring a new cancer victim, fighter, or survivor each day of my ride.  I’m hoping to spread the word about this amazing cause, fight cancer as best I can, and inspire others to do the same.  Cancer is a terrible disease that affects so many people, but this ride allows us to unite with people across the country to fight cancer .

However, I need help!  Each rider is required to raise $4,500 for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults – I have pledged to raise $6,000!  Whether you are a family member, a close friend, or a complete stranger, please consider making a donation to my ride.  On the donation form, you can donate in honor of someone and dedicate a day of my trip to them… They will be a part of the our daily morning dedication circle and I will ride that day with their name on my calf.
Anything helps.  Please share my fundraising page and blog with as many people you can. Any kind of support would be greatly appreciated.  This is a cause that means the world to me and I’d love for you to be a part.  Stay tuned for more updates on fundraising and preparations for this next adventure.  Cancer changes lives… so do we!

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